Free Maggi BBQ Chicken or Mexican Beef pack

We have been missing receiving some freebies from Love Brands but today that is over. Love Brands is back and they have a new set of freebies for us. This one is a freebie that we can use when we are cooking in the kitchen. Love Brands is giving away a free pack of Maggi Sizzling BBQ Chicken or Sizzling Mexican Beef. If you want this freebie then you need to sign up first. To sign up just click on the link at the bottom. The link will take you straight to the Love Brands free Maggi BBQ Chicken or Mexican Beef pack sign up page on Facebook. Once you are on their Facebook page read the details of the freebie. After that follow the steps to sign up. If you have family or friends that would enjoy this freebie please share this with them.