Free Taylors Coffee Cafetiere and Mug Gift Pack

Some have already said goodbye to Christmas and the whole host of freebies that come with it. But Taylors isn’t quite done yet. They are still offering a free Taylors Coffee Cafetiere Mug gift pack. There are 100 coffee gift packs to be given away and you just might be one to receive some great coffee to kickstart the new year. It’s an ideal freebie if you are a coffee lover. Each Taylors Coffee gift pack contains Taylors Cafetiere, four Taylors mugs and a pack of their refined Rich Italian blend. To get your free gift pack, click on the link at the end of this post. The link will take you to the Taylors Coffee website. Once you get there, all you need to do is to fill in their online form to enter. When you’re done, just send it in. The competition ends on the 4th February 2014.